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I can apply what I learned in class to many situations in my life. I know that the next time I’m ever online, or even just in everyday life, and I see bullying, to stand up and do something about it. I know now how important one person can be to stand up in a situation where someone feels lost, confused and mostly hurt. I have seen cyberbullying before and I am upset that I didn’t do anything about it. I saw how hurt some people were after it, and after seeing that I wish that I might’ve done something. What prevented me was my own fear of getting involved and getting in trouble for it. Now, if a situation ever came up like this again, I would definitely stand up for what it right and try to help anyone being hurt because suffering from someone else is definitely wrong. It is important to de-escalate any online bullying because being on the internet for everyone to see, it can quickly lead to further bullying, and can grow very quickly and get out of control.


Reacting to cyber-bullying


Have you ever encountered online cruelty?

Yes I have encountered this.

How do you think someone might feel after being the target of it?

I think that someone might feel terrible about themselves. Not only is someone bullying them and hurting them, but when on the internet, it is also there for everyone else to see. So, I think that after being the target of cyber bullying a person would feel terrible about themselves in embarrassment and hurt.


KWL/Key Vocabulary - Cyber-bullying


Complete the K (what do you KNOW) and the W (what do you WANT to know) below based on your knowledge of cyber-bullying.

K: Cyber bullying is basically any type of bullying done on the internet with texts, posts, pictures, or anything that can hurt someone.

W: I want to know some of the guidelines of cyber bullying, such as what is considered to be cyber bullying, and ways to find it and prevent it.

L: I learned a lot about cyber bullying. I learned how many people can be involved in it, and all the categories these people fit into. I also learned about how harsh some of the consequences can be from cyber bullying and how badly it can affect some people. Lastly, I learned how wrong and bad cyberbullying is and how far a situation can come from just being on the internet.

To the best of your ability please define the following vocab words within the context of the topic of cyber-bullying.

Target: The target is the person who is being bullied.

Offender: The offender is the person who is bullying someone.

Bystander: The bystander is somebody who sees the bullying happening, but does nothing about it.

Upstander: The up stander is the person who sees bullying happening, and does something to prevent it or stop it.

Escalate: Escalate is the worsening or growing rate of bullying.

De-escalate: De-escalate is the bringing down or decrease in bullying.

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